President – Lindsay Shaw


Emailshaw.lindsay1978@gmail.com or lshaw@letstalkscience.ca
Program Development Manager – Let’s Talk Science

Bio: My name is Lindsay Shaw, I was a senior science and math teacher in Craik, SK. In addition to teaching, for the past 12 years, I have been involved writing the renewed biology 30 curriculum and completed a Master’s degree through the Department of Curriculum Studies with a project on assessment. I now spend my time teaching (both in school and online) as well as doing various workshops for the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU) with the STF focusing on science, math, accreditation, assessment and inquiry. In my free time my family and I enjoy boating and skiing as well I spend a lot of time taking my 2 daughters (7 & 9) to dance, skating and swimming throughout the year.

Vice-President – Amy Jamieson

School: Sun West Distance Learning Center

I am currently teaching Biology, Chemistry, Health Science and Physical Science in an in-person and broadcast situation in Kenaston School. I also teach Chemistry and Health Science online to students around Saskatchewan. I have been involved with writing the Health Science 20 and 21 curricula and with developing the Health Science 21 resource package. I have also participated various implementation teams. Making science accessible to both students and teachers in our province is a passion of mine and I am happy to serve on the SSTS Executive to help achieve this goal. 

Treasurer – Mick Rissling

Mick Rissling

School: Martin Collegiate
Email: mick.rissling@rbe.sk.ca 

Bio: Mick Rissling has been a science teacher with Regina Public Schools since 2005. Some of his interests and activities have included Regina Regional Science Fair planning committee, Sciematics provincial conference planning committees, work in the internship program with the University of Regina, presentations at ASSIST and Sciematics, curriculum and departmental exam writing, and lots of other workshops and professional development opportunities. His non-teaching interests include spending time with his family, camping and cycling, and electronic gaming.

Secretary – Patrick Kossman
patrick legit
School: Greenall High School
E-mail: patrick.kossmann@pvsd.ca

BioI’ve been teaching science since September 2000. Over my career I have taught Physics 20, and 30, Science 10, 11 , and 18, and  Physical and Science 20. Outside of science I have taught Arts Ed 9, Drama 10, 20, and  30, and Robotics 20 and 30 (which I wrote our division’s curricula for). I am looking forward to adding Forensic Science 30 to my course load next year.
I have been a member of the SSTS executive since 2004 taking over as editor and vice-president in 2008. I’m also responsible for running registration for the Prairie Valley Regional Science Fair; a job I have done since 2005. I was on the Canada Wide Science Fair 2017 planning committee as the PR and Media Liaison, and held a similar position with STEAM 2017. In 2011 I became a provincial outreach coordinator for the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. With this group I have traveled most of the province giving workshops on modern physics and our new physics curriculum. In addition to PI workshops I also present workshops on Vernier probe ware with Pomegranate Presentations.




Past President – Carla Cooper

Copy of IMG_1023School: Lumsden High School
E-mail: carla.cooper@pvsd.ca

My name is Carla Cooper, currently I am a senior life science teacher in Lumsden, SK. In addition to teaching, for the past 10 years, I have been involved writing the health science 20 curriculum and am currently working towards my masters degree in Education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction. My interests include working on the Prairie Valley Regional Science Fair as well as working on the 2017 Canada Wide Science Fair special events committee as well as STEAM 2017.  I have presented numerous PD sessions for Prairie Valley School Division, Assist, STEM 2016, pilot teacher meetings as well as working alongside Patrick Kossman designing and presenting Vernier software to teachers from around the country.  My non-teaching interests include participating in agility with my dogs, watching lacrosse and Rider games and spending time with my family.

Website Manager – Logan Petlak

petlak pic

School: Learning Department – Prairie South Schools
Email: petlak.logan@prairiesouth.ca
Webpage: loganpetlak.ca

Bio: I am currently a learning consultant with Prairie South Schools. I have taught a variety of subjects and most recently taught Biology, Health, and Environmental Science at Central Collegiate in Moose Jaw, the latter of which I contributed to the development of resources associated with the modified curriculum. As I have progressed through my career I have found fostering the growth of scientifically-literate citizens a large part of what I am most passionate about. Additionally, I have taught several grade nine courses involving game design, graphics/animation, and digital citizenship.

University of Saskatchewan Liason – Tim Molnar

School: College of Education – U of S
Email:  tim.molnar@usask.ca

University of Regina Liason – John Macdonald

School: University of Regina
Email: john.macdonald@uregina.ca

Bio: Currently a sessional at the University of Regina instructing science education classes for the faculty, SUNTEP and FNUC. I retired from the Regina Catholic Schools after thirty years teaching high school science. During those years I participated in the SSTS as member at large, accreditation seminars and co-chairperson of a Sciematics. Also, I was a pilot teacher for biology and on a prehistoric science 10 curriculum committee. During my final years of teaching I had the opportunity to be involved with AP biology. After retiring from teaching and coaching there still seemed to be a desire to do some science education type stuff. Thus I started to take graduate classes, graduating with a Master degree in 2005. Being involved with new science education is a constant enjoyment and helps keep one young, feeding off their enthusiasm and energy.

Member-at-Large – Mark Edmonds

Curriculum Coordinator/ Senior Science Consultant
Prairie Valley School Division
Email: Mark.Edmonds@pvsd.ca

Member-at-Large – Wendy Li

School: Sun West Distance Learning Center
Email: Wendy.Li@sunwestsd.ca


Member-at-Large – Dan Weber

School: Kenaston School and Sun West Distance Learning Center

Email: daniel.weber@sunwestsd.ca

Bio: Since 2008, I have been instructing both senior and junior sciences, and continue to do so at the Sun West Distance Learning Centre and Kenaston School. I have taught a variety of courses throughout my career, including: Biology 30, Earth Science and the development of an online AP Biology course. I have also been a part of the Environmental Science 21 resource package team, as well as helping to create and write the Biology 30 departmental exams. Besides being a full time nerd, my other passions involve sustainability, camping, running, and spending time with my wife and Bull Terrier puppy, Frankie.

Past President – Phil Langford

Phil (left) with Chris Hadfield (right)

School: Bert Fox Community High School
E-mail: plangford@sasktel.net

Bio: It has been my privilege to be teaching at the secondary level for over 25 years now. It has been a significantly rewarding career thus far, and shows no sign of letting up! Every year has seen new challenges, new students, many years have seen new administrators, and new curricula every once in a while. This is part of what keeps me invigorated and excited about each new year! But it is the science itself that is my pinnacle of excitement!! It is constantly changing, and our worldviews with it! Teaching students that “Good science is good questions” never gets old! Asking students to present evidence-based arguments to support the position that a chair is not alive, never gets old (nor does the chair!!)! Exploring the diversity of life (and previous life via fossils), never gets old! Watching the video of a probe nailing the landing on a moving comet, never gets old! The science that our colleagues do needs special praise and significant attention and it informs our future world! I am thankful every day for the chance to share that with dozens of students whom, I hope, are as motivated as I am to continue on the path of lifelong learning!

STF Liaison — Murray Wall
2317 Arlington Ave.
Saskatoon, SK S7J 2H8
W: 306-373-1660 (1-800-667-7762)
Email: murray.wall@stf.sk.ca

Ministry Liaison — Dean Elliott
Ministry of Education
Science Consultant
6th Floor, 2220 College Ave.
Regina, SK S4P 4V9
W: 306-787-6765
Email: Dean.Elliott@gov.sk.ca