Professional GROWTH Network


Benefits of the PGN Membership

  • access to virtual PD throughout the year focusing on best practices in STEM
  • collaboration events with educators and speakers
  • discount on conferences like Sciematics
  • access to grants
  • be on the SSTS exec to vote and contribute to the direction of this PGN.

Membership Options

Students / Superannuates

Making science accessible by helping educators understand SK science curricula.


Teachers / Others

Providing opportunities for SK educators to connect, network and collaborate with one another focusing on best practices in STEM.


Please note: Membership lasts for 1 year and is only considered complete upon payment submission.
STF members are entitled to access 1 PGN at no additional cost.

Without a membership, still feel free to access any and all resources, our newsletter (accelerator), links to resources on website, and any other opportunities we post!

Renewing a PGN Membership?

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