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WHAT INSPIRES YOU?? – By: Phil Langford

If you weren’t at Regina’s Conexus Arts Centre (formerly Centre of the Arts) last evening (Dec. 3rd), you missed a grand opportunity! Commander Chris Hadfield was there and took us through his journey from his dream when he was 9 years old of becoming the next man on the moon, to his touchdown after completing his third mission in space during which he was the commander of the International Space Station. What a ride! The photos he brought with him were, as is no surprise to those 1.2 million of us who followed him on Twitter, breathtaking! He opened his program by singing David Bowie’s “Major Tom”, which was, and still is, a massive YouTube success, in a duet with Glass Tiger’s lead singer Alan Frew. To say I was inspired would be the world’s largest understatement. What happened after the presentation was a huge bonus (see picture below)! His main message: set yourself a goal of accomplishment, find out what steps you can take each week to get there, and never be satisfied with your current level of competency – you can always better yourself! His journey was 26 years long!! If you have not read his book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, please add it to your “must read” list!

Thank you, Commander Hadfield, for all you have done to inspire this science teacher to new heights and for giving him even more to dream about as he seeks to inspire the next generation of potential astronauts!
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