Kids Boost Immunity – Classroom Resources

A wonderful, free English and French resource for science educators. Just requires a quick sign-in process!


Science teachers (grades 4 to 12) can use a FREE teacher-developed inquiry-based program called Kids Boost Immunity. There is a broad range of cross-curricular lessons for Grades 4 to 7.

Learning modules 
Include 5 or more lessons for teachers to select from for Grades 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12 (unless stated differently below):
  • Diversity of Living Things
  • Germs, The Body’s Defence System & How Vaccines Help (4-7)
  • The Immune System How Vaccines Work & COVID-19 vaccine (8-12)
  • The Spread of Infectious Diseases (includes COVID-19)
  • Black History – celebrating science leaders
  • International Women’s Day – celebrating science leaders
  • Refugee experiences – note lessons are related to climate change  for Grades 10-12
  • Critical thinking and evaluating information – TRAAP/CRAAP evaluation checklist, scientific method, understanding bias, correlation vs causation
  • Social and Emotional learning – mindfulness, spreading kindness
About the program
  • FREE for teachers – funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and developed by teachers with support from health experts where needed
  • English and French 
  • Easy user experience – just takes 1 minute to create a teacher account to access lessons and unit plans, etc.
  • Engaging lessons that include literacy support (audio and vocabulary) and interactive games
  • Accompanying unit plans with inquiry activities, worksheets, and answer guides for many learning modules
  • Global citizenship opportunity as students can earn vaccines for others in need when they answer quiz questions 
  • Game component with leaderboards showing the number of questions answered and vaccines earned per school (optional)

Further information and training for either English KBI or French KBI are available for free. Contact with questions or to coordinate a training time (these range from 10 minutes to an hour at flexible times including evenings and weekends).

Happy science-ing!