Rocky Mountain Science – Junior Science Contest

Another classroom opportunity in April to explore!

Rocky Mountain Science is a student-led organization that is dedicated to nurturing an authentic youth interest in science. RMS is an organization founded on the conviction that youth should have similar levels of prospective equality to succeed, and we strive to ensure this through our science contest. In this contest, competitors are tested on their critical-thinking ability through questions that are designed to foster analytical skills. The impetus for the contest was based on realizing the lack of science contests, particularly in relation to math contests – opportunities for youth interested in science were few and far between. Additionally, we hope to provide youth with an opportunity to experience what science is like should it be pursued as a profession or even in high school; far too often in junior high is science reduced to memorizing vocabulary terms.

The Rocky Mountain Junior Science Contest is to be held on April 16th, consisting of three rounds; written, design, and lab. The question sets will be sent to the competitors, who will then have 24 hours for their completion. This year, with the help of our sponsors, we are able to offer over $500 worth of prizes.

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